The Ironspell Chronicles Series

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 Book One: Alchemist Rules

Bob Ironspell-Cabas isn’t your typical Denver cop. He has a vicious chicken, a tiny house that is bigger on the inside, and has gone through five partners in the Denver Police Supernatural Division in a month. As he tells it, that dragon was in no way his fault.

Trolls aren’t city dwellers. So, when a troll starts causing trouble in Washington Park, it doesn’t make sense. What was that troll doing there? What Ironspell uncovers is far more sinister than just a troll looking for new digs. He discovers his past and how some creatures won’t let bygones be bygones.

The fate of the human race depends on a newbie cop who gets his latest spells from the magazine, Popular Wizardry. There’s something in the air…and it will kill you.

Book Two: Elfshot

Officer Bob “Ironspell” Ironspell-Cabas has just saved the world, which is why he needs to do it again. You’d think the Earth would stay out of trouble, but no… Now Ironspell is called while off duty to rescue some trapped tourists in a mine, only to discover a new evil plot by the Dark Elves. Now, his friends are stricken with a deadly disease that once ravaged civilizations that has now been supercharged to strike with an even deadlier force for the express purpose of starting a pandemic on Earth. Can Ironspell find the stash of Elfshot–the deadly disease arrows of the Dark Elves–before a power-hungry warlord can implement his sinister plan?

Book Three: Wolfsbane

What Happens in Valhalla Stays in Valhalla

When Bob Ironspell-Cabas aka Ironspell, the cop with magic, gets invited to crash a party in Valhalla, how can he resist? Only he discovers that not everyone is happy with Odin and now Fenrir, the murderous wolf of Ragnarok is missing. And werewolves are being targeted on Earth, presumably as retaliation for Fenrir’s disappearance. But not everything is as it seems and more than just the Norse pantheon is interested in preventing the Apocalypse. Can Ironspell find Fenrir before the gates of Hel open while still trying to get the hang of his new promotion to wizard in the Denver Wizard Task Force (DWTF)?

Book Four: Oathbreaker

While trying to rescue Fenrir, Ironspell is betrayed by one of his friends, and set up to die at the hands of the ruthless fallen angels, known as the Watchers. But the Watchers’ plans don’t go…well, as planned. Ironspell escapes and decides to free Fenrir, the Wolf of Ragnarok, even if it means going up against Odin and the rest of the Norse pantheon.

Who in the hell breaks into a dungeon? Ironspell knows this isn’t his smoothest move, but he has promised to keep Fenrir safe. Only, the dungeon is possibly more than he ever bargained for…

Book Five: Hellfire

Ironspell must rescue his mother from the fallen angels, known as the Watchers. Only he gets help from an unlikely source, and an old adversary…

Standalone Books in the Ironspell Chronicles Universe

Book 0: That Dragon was in No Way My Fault

(First Book Before A Date with a Werewolf and Alchemist Rules)

Bob Ironspell-Cabas, known as Ironspell, is a rookie officer on his third day in the Denver Police Department Supernatural Unit or DPDS. His partner and mentor takes him to the Denver Zoo, thinking that it’ll be a good training opportunity. Instead, they discover a deranged sorcerer has let loose a dragon from the Supernatural portion of a new exhibit called, “The Magical Zoo.”

Book 0.5: A Date with a Werewolf

(Second Book After That Dragon was in No Way My Fault and Before Alchemist Rules)

Bob Ironspell-Cabas, AKA Ironspell is a wizard cop who just can’t get any breaks. When he goes to pick up the werewolf girl of his dreams for a first date, he discovers a rival werewolf gang has attacked the Denver Wolfpack headquarters and kidnapped five female werewolves, including his girlfriend. Time is of the essence when it comes to werewolf kidnappings, so Ironspell heads out in search of the rival pack. Only they may not be the ones who kidnapped his date…

Book 2.5: The Trouble with Bats

(Fifth Book After Elfshot and Before Wolfsbane)

Warning: Pranking Vampires Can Be Hazardous to Your Health on Halloween

Bob “Ironspell” Ironspell-Cabas is a police officer, but back when he was in college, his buddy, Droid, and he decide to prank the Vampires in the nearby town of Highlands Ranch, Colorado for Halloween. Droid runs an exterminator business on the side, so when they decide to release the bats as the prank, they discover they’ve captured a vampire along with the flying rodents. To make matters worse, Ironspell sees the girl of his dreams under the glamour of a vampire. Can Ironspell and Droid escape the zombies and vampires of Highlands Ranch or are they destined to become zombie chow?

Book 4.5: Winter of Our Discontent

(Seventh Book After Oathbreaker and Before Hellfire)

Winter Has One Last Chance

Vetr, aka Winter, the son of Frost Giant nobility, is a total screw up when it comes to acting like a proper Jotun. When he gets tired of the abuse at home, he leaves to make his way in the world, and to find his relatives who might help him. Only he’s given a challenge: be the Jotun he was born to be or become exiled for eternity.