I’m Adding Book Reviews of the Books I’ve Been Reading

One thing I decided to add to my blog is a book review section that I’m tentatively calling Just Booking It. Basically, I decided to take the Read 50 Books a Year Challenge, so, I’m blogging about the books I’m reading.  This is in my copious time between writing somewhere around 5 books each year, not to mention the production of a print book and a compilation.

Why I’m Reviewing the Competition

You may be wondering why I’m writing about the competitor books. Actually, I’m not worried if you find someone else’s book to be wonderful and you find a new author to read. A rising tide raises all ships, as we independents say. If you’re an Urban Fantasy reader and you like some of the books I recommend, chances are you’ll enjoy my books, if you’ve stumbled upon my website. Which is awesome.

Keeping Me True to My Goal

Another reason for reviewing books is that it will keep me true to my goal of reading at least 50 books in a year.  Yeah, that means you get reviews of all the books I read, whether it’s Urban Fantasy, Science Fiction, Nonfiction, or whatever. Some books you’re just not going to care about. Other books you may find interesting. Whatever. But I will let you know whether I like them or not.

Books I’m Currently Reading

Not surprisingly, I have a list of books I’m reading right now. I include them at the end of my reviews so you can buy them and read along, if you’re so inclined. Note that the books I list on the reviews have affiliate links that gives me a small amount of compensation, which enables me to keep this page going. So, if you buy the books, please support this website. Thanks.