Join Me for a Spooky Adventure: Exploring the Argo Gold Mill and Tunnel in Idaho Springs, Colorado

Hey there, fellow adventurers and fans! If you’re ready for an exciting Halloween escapade filled with history, a hint of humor, and a sprinkle of the supernatural, you’re in for a treat. Today, I want to take you on a journey to Idaho Springs, Colorado, where the Argo Gold Mill and Tunnel await with ghostly tales and hidden treasures. What’s more, this unique location has found its way into my upcoming book, “Fallen Angel,” and my previous work, “Elfshot.” So, let’s dive into the depths of the Argo Tunnel, where history meets the otherworldly.

The Argo Gold Mill and Tunnel: A Step Back in Time

Imagine this: it’s 1912, and you’re standing in the heart of Idaho Springs, surrounded by the clamor of the Gold Rush era. This is the Argo Gold Mill and Tunnel, a place that once buzzed with the hopes and dreams of prospectors. A visit to this historic site transports you back in time, and I’m thrilled to be your guide on this adventure.

The Argo was a marvel of engineering in its heyday, boasting a remarkable 4.5-mile-long tunnel that snaked through the mountains, leading miners to their dreams of wealth hidden deep within. As you explore its dark and mysterious corridors, you’ll hear tales of hardworking miners and their relentless pursuit of gold, all shared by knowledgeable tour guides.

Ghostly Encounters

Now, let’s dive into the spine-tingling stories that have surrounded the Argo Gold Mill and Tunnel for generations. Countless visitors and staff have experienced strange occurrences and eerie sensations, often attributing them to the lingering spirits of miners from the past.

The Phantom Miner

Perhaps the most famous ghostly encounter is that of the Phantom Miner. Picture this: you’re walking through the tunnel, and suddenly, you catch a glimpse of a spectral figure in old-fashioned mining gear. Some have even reported hearing faint echoes of pickaxes striking rock. Could it be the spirit of a miner, forever trapped in the quest for gold?

The Mysterious Elevator

Here’s a curious one: the elevator that sometimes moves on its own. People have felt an inexplicable drop in temperature and a sense of unease when they ride it. Is it a playful ghost’s prank or something more sinister at play?

The Crying Woman

Deep within the tunnel, some have claimed to hear the faint sobs of a woman. Legend has it that she was a miner’s wife who anxiously awaited her husband’s return from the depths. Did her grief linger on even after her beloved miner’s tragic fate?

Idaho Springs: A Hub of Haunted History

Idaho Springs itself is a treasure trove of ghostly tales, and the Argo is just one piece of the puzzle.

The Goldminer Hotel

Take the Goldminer Hotel, for instance, right in the heart of town. Guests have reported mysterious footsteps, whispers, and that eerie feeling of being watched. It’s said to be haunted by a miner who met his end in one of the rooms. Does he still seek the elusive gold that slipped through his fingers in life?

Charlie Tayler Water Wheel Park

This park, named after an early settler, boasts a water wheel that often turns on its own, especially under the moonlight. Locals believe it’s the handiwork of Charlie Tayler’s spirit, who had a deep affection for the wheel during his life.

The Argo in Urban Fantasy

Now, let’s switch gears to the literary world. I’m thrilled to share that the Argo Gold Mill and Tunnel have played important roles in my upcoming book, Fallen Angel, and my previous work, Elfshot. These stories take the supernatural elements of the Argo to new heights, weaving them into a story filled with mystery and intrigue.

In Fallen Angel, the Argo Tunnel becomes a portal to another realm, where angels and Dark Elves plot to slaughter all humans. Meanwhile, “Elfshot” brings a fantastical twist to the location, involving Drow, magic, and hidden secrets within the tunnel’s depths.

So, my dear fans, if you’re on the lookout for a Halloween adventure that combines history with the paranormal, join me in exploring the Argo Gold Mill and Tunnel in Idaho Springs, Colorado. Who knows what secrets and spirits await us in the shadowy depths of this historic site? Together, we’ll uncover the mysteries that make this place a true gem for the curious and the adventurous.

Beary Bad: The Bear who Visits Us

This late summer has been eventful, if anything. We’ve been visited nightly by a bear–a BIG bear. This bear is about 6 to 7 feet long from rump to shoulders, which might make it a grizzly. My spouse only saw him once from above and at 3 am, which made it difficult to determine the actual species beyond “big fucking bear.” Could be a black bear or a grizzly. Either way, he was BIG. He was on my front porch, if you want to know how up close and personal it was.

Alarm Llamas and Electric Fences

The reason why we know he’s been around is that Llorelei the llama has been alerting Hel herself that the bear has come around. Llamas have this alarm call that is unmistakable. Sounds like a cross between a neigh and someone yodeling. And loud!

She lets us know he’s around, which is usually around 3 am, although he’s shown up at 9 pm and 5 am. Llorelei does her job well and herds the goats behind her into the barn. We have an electric fence that serves as a deterrent, but I suppose a bear could get into the goat pen. The amperage is pretty strong on the fence, so if a bear were to touch it, it would be pretty unpleasant.

The Beary Lowdown

The bear appears to be habituated, making him dangerous to humans. He’s definitely a “trash bear,” which puts him looking towards humans for food. Not good. Some people don’t secure their trash around here, thus aggravating the problem. And according to Montana Fish, Wildlife, and Parks, there’s been four known grizzlies in the area.

Grizzlies are protected in Montana, so unless one attacks you, you can’t shoot them. You can hunt black bears, but since the bear comes around at night, shooting isn’t an option anyway. Self defense and attacking livestock, yeah. Just being a nuisance? No.

But this is why we carry bear spray when outside, except during the coldest times when it would just freeze. Bears hibernate, but have been known to take a walk around on warmer winter days. So, we’re always prepared.

Possible Ordinances

I read on a local news site that our county is going to require bear-proof trash cans and dumpsters for all residents. We already have a bear-proof dumpster. We switched over after years of deterring bears with bungee cords on the lids. It took just one time when a bear decided it should get in our trash for us to make the switch. If this ordinance becomes law, they give everyone three years to comply. Sigh. Three years of trash bears is so not worth it.

Getting people to comply is going to be difficult. Sure, those with dumpsters will get changed over by their trash company, but those who want to just leave their stuff on the side of the road will do so. Still, stopping bears from eating trash and associating humans with food is the best way to reduce conflicts. And maybe, maybe the bear who is visiting us will figure out somewhere else to go.

Ironspell Chronicles Characters — Tuzren

Tuzren is a Daemon from the Onoys plane. He’s quick to point out that he isn’t a Christian demon, but a creature from another universe. Originally summoned to Earth’s plane by a mad wizard, Tuzren has decided that Earth is far nicer than Onoys. Don’t you dare call him a gargoyle.

Updated Website and More

Well, I’ve been behind on just about everything, so I’ve decided to at least get a quick update in and say I’ll be posting here at least once a week, which is highly ambitious for me. Even so, I need to do this to stay in touch with my fans–that’s you!–and let you know what’s been happening here. The truth is a lot of things have happened and I need to do a better job telling you what’s going on.

What to Expect in the Next Posts

What you should expect in my next posts are more newsworthy items. What I’ve been doing. Where I’m at on the next book. What promos I’m running. What cons I’ve been to. Which critters are driving me crazy…

You know, the usual stuff.

So, if you’re interested in basically everything about the Ironspell Chronicles as well as the crazy life I lead in Montana, you can find out about all that shit right here.

In the Upcoming Posts…

In the next posts I’ll be covering the following topics:

  • Miscon
  • Updates on Book 16
  • Skadi’s cancer
  • A new addition to the homestead
  • Goats
  • Free eBooks
  • Sneak peeks on the latest books

So, if you read this and leave an interesting comment here before August 1, 2023, I will put you in a drawing for something cool. What? I don’t know yet, but it will probably be something fun!

Daemon For Hire | Kindle Vella

Daemon for Hire, the new Urban Fantasy by MH Bonham (author of the Bestselling Ironspell Chronicles) now has a newly released Episode 4! First three episodes are FREE for readers. Check them out! #kindlevella #urbanfantasy

Finished Yes, Ironspell, There is a Santa Claus

Tonight I entered “The End” on Yes, Ironspell, There is a Santa Claus. Normally, I give myself some time between editing and the first draft, but given the publication date (Christmas) and when it’s actually due on Amazon (Solstice), I’m pretty convinced I have to get it in top shape now. By the way, you can read the first chapter HERE.

This Book Surprised Me

Unsurprisingly, (see what I did there?), the ending changed from what I planned. I realized as I was writing it that the running gag was actually a major piece in the story. Since I don’t want to spoil the surprise, I’ll keep quiet about it. Order a copy, if you haven’t yet.

Frost and Fire should be out in March; You can thank Yes, Ironspell, there is a Santa Claus for that

I know, I know. I promised Frost and Fire after Hellfire, but after writing the first two chapters, I suddenly looked at the calendar and discovered it was October. So, I made up my mind to write the Christmas story first. And yeah, there is a Santa Claus in it, but this isn’t the type of bedtime story to read to your kids. Unless they’re at least teenagers. Look for Frost and Fire on Amazon. I just got the preorder up, so it might be a bit before it shows up on my series list.

If you don’t hear from me sooner, have a Merry Christmas, Happy Yule, Happy Hanukah, Merry Kwanzaa, Happy Solstice, or whatever you celebrate.

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Sneak Peek at Yes, Ironspell, There is a Santa Claus

I thought I’d offer my fans a sneak peek at the upcoming book, Yes, Ironspell, there is a Santa Claus.  My blurb for the book is as follows:

The Krampus is kidnapping children. Santa makes an unscheduled stop to ask Ironspell and his Jotun partner, Vetr, for help. Together, they must visit Hel to gain entrance to the Krampus’ stronghold. But can they rescue the children and stop the Krampus from enacting his dastardly plan?

Check out the first chapter, and be sure to preorder it right here!

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