Welcome to my little corner of the world: The Ironspell Chronicles

Hi — I’m MH Bonham, the author of the Ironspell Chronicles. I’d like to welcome you since you stumbled onto my page. Right now, I’m putting together a brand new series called The Ironspell Chronicles. Yes, I have high hopes for them. The Ironspell Chronicles is a new adult urban fantasy with a wizard-cop who bumbles through his adventures. He’s competent, just not particularly educated when it comes to casting spells, and he gets his spells from magazines like Popular Wizardry and books like Wizardry for Dummies.

He has a most decidedly unwizardly first name: Bob. That was intentional on my part. I’m constantly reminded of the Monty Python and the Holy Grail Wizard, Tim, and how goofy a wizard’s name like Tim can be. So, I chose Bob.  Bob the Wizard.  I came up with his last name as a hyphenated name because I’ve known plenty of people with too long of names. So his dad’s last name is Ironspell and his mom’s last name is Cabas. Since his parents were both from the 60s originally (wizards/mages live longer than normal people, or Normals), I figured having a hyphenated name made for all sorts of fun. Like his partners calling him “Cabbage.”  Yeah, too cruel.

Right now, I’ve got the first and second freebie books done and in review. The first book of the series has an “official” release date of September 14th. That being said, it may come out sooner. The book is written and needs a once over by me before I hand it to my Beta readers. You can “ooh” and “aww” and preorder your own copy HERE.  If you’re looking to grab free books, check out this blog frequently. Why? Because I should have the freebie books up soon. Very soon.

Anyway, thanks for checking the blog out. I look forward to chatting with you.